Patient Involvement in HTA in Europe: Stakeholder Experiences Patient Involvement in HTA in Europe: Stakeholder Experiences Patient Involvement in HTA in Europe: Stakeholder Experiences
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We are exploring how patient involvement processes used in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Europe are experienced and valued by all participants (representatives of HTA agency, industry, patient advocates, and patients).

We are interested in the experiences of all stakeholders who have participated in HTAs with patient involvement such as HTA practitioners and researchers, patients, industry, academics, administrators, or payers.

The research is conducted as a collaboration between the International Society for Health Technology Assessment (HTAi), the European Patients Forum (EPF), and the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI). More detailed information about the research can be found on the website of  HTAi (

The full survey has five sections (General, Opinions, Pre-HTA, During HTA, After HTA) and will take approximately 30-45 minutes. The survey can be saved, so that you may respond in several sessions. However, it might be more efficient to respond to all questions in one session.

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For the purpose of this survey, patient involvement in HTA is defined as any process to improve the representation of the patient perspective in HTA, including research into patient aspects (patients’ experiences, preferences, perspectives), patient participation in the HTA process, or effective and active collaboration with patients, patient advocates, patient representatives and/or carers along with all other relevant stakeholders in the processes and decisions of HTA.